Fun, Tasty Ways to Serve Ice Cream

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Edible Bowls

We’ve all seen edible bowls made from waffle cone batter. Although these ice cream bowls are good, they aren’t very creative, and they aren’t very exciting ways to serve delicious frozen treats. Make an edible bowl that is creative and quite tasty. Bake your favorite cup cake recipe, and hollow out cupcakes to make fun and creative bowls. After the cupcakes are sufficiently cool, put them in the freezer for several minutes, and before adding a scoop of ice cream, line the bowls with a layer of chocolate shell. The hardened shell will keep the ice cream from making the cupcakes soggy, and your edible bowls will be exceptionally scrumptious.

Fruit Leather Cones

You can make colorful fruity cones out of fruit leather circles. Simply roll the fruit leather circles into cones, turn them upside down on a baking sheet, and place them in the freezer. Although these fun and creative cones will quickly thaw and begin to lose their shape, these are definitely unique and tasty ways to serve ice cream cones.

Creative Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches from the store are usually made from bland chocolate cookie dough. Make your own creative and delicious ice cream sandwiches with your favorite brownie or cookie recipe. After homemade cookies or brownies have sufficiently cooled, place a layer of semi soft ice cream between two large cookies or brownies, and place them in the freezer until sufficiently firm.

Pita Pockets

Chances are you’ve never considered putting ice cream inside a pita pocket. Believe it or not, ice cream in a pita pocket is exceptionally delicious, and it’s definitely very unique and very creative. Along with your favorite flavor of ice cream, fill the pita pocket with bits of candy, coconut, cookie pieces, nuts, and any other delicious toppings you desire.

Ice Cream Burritos

If you want to try a treat that’s creative, unique, and extraordinarily delicious, try wrapping a scoop of ice cream in a flour tortilla. This combination might not sound good to some, but it’s really very tasty. For an extra decadent treat, spread a layer of your favorite frosting or peanut butter on the tortilla before adding the ice cream, and complete this treat by adding your favorite toppings.


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