Go GREEN with your ice cream!

January 30, 2008 at 10:00 pm Leave a comment

GREEN Ice Cream You Can Make at Home!

You can be GREEN and still have your ice cream! Non electric ice cream makers, like the ice cream ball, are a great way to make ice cream without using any electricity! Simply gather the simple ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, your flavorings or mix ins) and pour them in one end. In the other end add ice cubes (smaller cubes are best) and rock salt (any salt will do if you don’t have rock salt, you’ll just have to use a bit more). And then use your GREEN POWER and shake it up, toss it around, lightly kick it… and in about half an hour you’ll have your GREEN ice cream! REDUCE ELECTRICITY!

If you actually want GREEN ice cream you can add the Mint Chocolate Chip flavoring we have or simply add green food coloring if aesthetics are all you’re looking for!

Storage is easy in one of our Sweet Bliss Containers. It holds a quart of ice cream. Although they are heavy paperboard, they are not recommended for reuse to hold your ice cream. You can, however, use them for plants! REUSE CONTAINERS!

The ice cream ball is very sturdy and can be used many, many times! Any flavor you can think of can be made in the ball. You can even use it to chill slushies and mixed drinks! Say no to the overpriced store ice creams! Make it at home and save gas & money! REFUSE OVERPACKAGING & EXTRA EXHAUST POLLUTION!


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