Have you heard of Javati?

February 19, 2008 at 4:48 pm Leave a comment

Now there is a “spice rack” just for ice cream (and coffee) lovers!

13 great flavor combinations, packaged in a spice type jar. You can simply twist the cap off and shake JAVATI‘s special blends right on top of your favorite ice cream! You control the taste! Eat some, then shake some more if you wish. You can always add more or less to taste.

The perfect, maximum flavor, minimum fat and calorie ICE CREAM TOPPING!

“JAVATI” (Java referring to coffee, T for topping, I for ice cream)

Make the “healthy choice” when it comes to your ice cream topping…

Imagine…Chocolate Syrup…2 tbls adds 100 calories
Caramel Topping…2tbls adds 100 calories
Whipped Cream…1/2 cup adds120 calories
Peanuts…1/2 cup adds 520 calories
Marachino Cherry…just 1 adds 10 calories
Typical Sundae Calorie Overload… 850 calories!

But most Javati flavors add less than 15 calories/serving and less than 1gm of fat.



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